Your Greenford Quay team will keep you informed about your property's safety both pre and post arrival, while considering accessibility requirements. We'll engage with you regarding potential revisions or enhancements to this strategy. In case of any concerns, we'll communicate the steps we're taking to address them. 


You'll find conveniently located QR codes within your Greenford Quay building and in the resident handbook, directing you to our Building Safety Act details. If you have a questions or concerns, your Greenford Quay team will be more than happy to help. You can either speak to them at Reception or via the contact details at the front of the handbook. 


Your Greenford Quay team will keep you informed about our safety measures and procedures in place. If any building-related issue falls under the Building Safety Act, we'll use our email service to share details, explain its impact on you and outline the steps we're taking to address it. You will also be informed of the Principle Accountable Person via email. 


We'll also make sure our commercial and non-residential lease holders stay in the loop and are well informed of any active projects or changes to our strategy as part of the Building Safety Act. 



We'll always keep you informed if we come across any issues with a property's structure, electrical setup or safety systems. Plus, we'll let you know how we're ensuring your safety while we sort things out. 

You can count on us to share important fire safety and prevention tips with you regularly. We conduct routine Fire Risk Assessments to stay proactive in keeping everything secure. 

Ensuring all safety systems (like smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors, and escape routes) are in top-notch condition is part of our regular checks. If we detect any safety system glitches, we'll jump into action within two hours to fix them pronto. 

During any safety system maintenance, we'll employ various methods (like more patrols or temporary systems) to keep risks under control and everyone safe. 

We're committed to maintaining communal areas hazard-free, removing any items that might contribute to or worsen a fire, and always keeping escape routes clear. 

For your peace of mind, emergency exit routes are clearly marked, and each flat door will have an evacuation plan right at hand. 

Remember, your safety is our number one priority in every decision we make. 



You and your guests will be familiar with the escape routes in your property. 

It’s vital that you know what to do in the event of a fire. Your building operates a ‘defend in place’ strategy. This means that only those areas of the building effected by the fire are required to evacuate. This standard approach relies on a high degree of compartmentation being provided in residential areas of the building. This prevents fire from spreading within the building while the fire is extinguished.

Further evacuation of the apartments will not take place unless instigated by fire service, management, or the independent actions of occupants.

If you ever feel unsafe, dial 999 for immediate assistance. 

Please report any issues or suspicions about safety systems, like fire alarms or fire doors, as soon as you notice them. 

Your concerns about the safety of your property are important to us, so please don't hesitate to reach out. 

It's essential not to tamper with or damage any safety equipment in the property. 

Keeping your hob, oven, and cooker hood clean is crucial to prevent fires. 

Ensuring rubbish doesn't accumulate in the property is also important for everyone's safety. 

Stay informed by reading the information we share about building safety. 

For more details about your property's fire safety, you can find additional information in your resident handbook. 



CAO Greystar plays a pivotal role as the Principal Authorised Person (PAP) in ensuring compliance with the Building Safety Act. This designation reflects the company's commitment to upholding the highest standards of building safety within its developments. As the PAP, Greystar takes on the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating critical safety measures, demonstrating a proactive approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of residents and visitors. The role involves thorough risk assessments, regular inspections, and adherence to regulatory guidelines, all of which align with Greystar's dedication to creating secure and resilient living spaces. By assuming the role of the PAP, Greystar underscores its dedication to building safety and contributing to the overall integrity of the built environment.