Eurasian Beavers Return, Bringing Life to Paradise Fields!

At Greenford Quay, we believe in the power of community-driven initiatives to create positive change for both the environment and our neighbourhood. That's why we are delighted to announce our involvement in the re-introduction of a family of Eurasian Beavers to Ealing at Paradise Fields, alongside esteemed partners such as Ealing Wildlife Group, Citizen Zoo, Friends of Horsenden Hill, and Ealing Council.

The Eurasian Beaver, once a native species to the UK, has made a remarkable comeback in recent years thanks to conservation efforts. However, their return to Ealing is particularly significant as it marks a crucial step in restoring biodiversity to our local ecosystem. Beavers play a vital role in reducing flood risk, improving water quality, and creating conditions in which wildlife and biodiversity can thrive. This benefits a wide range of species and contributes to the overall resilience of our environment.

As part of the transformative journey of Paradise Fields, Greenford Quay proudly sponsored two stunning murals, one in the underpass entrance from the Westway Cross Retail Park and one in the canal towpath of Greenford Road Bridge. This transformed a once intimidating and unattractive space, into beautiful and educational pathways, serving as an entry gate to the Beavers’ habitat. These murals not only add vibrancy to the area but also contribute to the regeneration of the area.

Mural Artist Shauna Blanchfield described the Greenford Community as fascinating: ‘You can really tell there is a strong community in the Greenford and Ealing area. Beneath this wall, there are probably about 40 names of people who passed by or helped on the project, which is really special. Check out our YouTube Video for more information on the project.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in this project, together, we are making a tangible difference for our environment and our community. Through initiatives like this, we can inspire positive change and create a brighter future for generations to come.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our beautiful murals! Share your images and feedback with us by tagging @greenfordquay on Instagram.

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