Anil Vaswani, a 45-year-old Project Manager at a payment technology firm, moved to the Tillermans Court at Greenford Quay following a transitional period in his life in which he divorced from his partner.

Having previously lived in Wembley, Anil chose Greenford Quay for its positive and vibrant community, top-class amenities and engaging events, as well as allowing him to stay close to his family. Living alone, with his son staying twice a week, Anil discovered that Greenford Quay was more than just a residence. Its integrated facilities and well-landscaped outdoor areas fostered a sense of belonging amidst the bustling city of London.

Community events

Community is at the heart of Greenford Quay, and Anil has benefitted from the diverse and welcoming group of people that surrounded him during a challenging time. From communal spaces, including an integrated Starbucks and co-working spaces, to regular resident events, Anil has been able to make lifelong friends.

Anil's experience shows the significance of community during pivotal life moments; turning a transitional period into an opportunity for connection and personal growth.