Five ways to support your mental health at Greenford Quay!

We mark Mental Health Awareness Week by exploring how Greenford Quay residents can take care of their wellbeing. Our welcoming community in West London, set beside the serene waters of the Grand Union Canal, offers a host of amenities, social spaces and events designed to make life easy and stress-free. Check out our event schedule here

This year’s campaign, organised by the Mental Health Foundation, is focusing on ‘Movement’, with the charity encouraging people to get moving to increase their energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost their self-esteem.

Here are five ways you can support your mental health at Greenford Quay


  1. Work it out at the gym

Each of our buildings features a fully-equipped gym, offering residents a place to work out however they choose. There’s plenty of research that says physical exercise benefits our mental health, reducing tension, boosting energy and giving us a sense of achievement.

No matter what your preference, Greenford Quay has a way to keep your body and mind fit. Residents can sign up to a class, jump on a bike at Tillermans’ spin room, or find their focus in The Glassworks’ yoga studio.

  1. Take a walk

Exercise doesn’t have to mean an intense gym session. Government guidelines advise adults to aim for 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. And there’s no better place to enjoy a relaxing walk than the green open spaces neighbouring Greenford Quay. Residents can unwind by exploring the ancient woodland and meadows of Horsenden Hill or by taking a bucolic stroll along the canal.

And if you’re lucky, you might even spot some beavers. Recently re-introduced to Ealing at Paradise Fields thanks to a project supported by Greenford Quay, the once native Eurasian beaver is back, helping to restore the area’s biodiversity. Being close to nature is proven to be positive for our mental health. A recent study found projects like this can lead to social cohesion, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.


  1. Enjoy the fresh air

Just being outside can help us to feel emotionally and physically healthy. According to the Mental Health Foundation, trees, plants and gardens all benefit our mental health.

At Greenford Quay, residents can take advantage of a variety of green spaces – from our landscaped podium gardens at Tillermans and Lyon’s Dock, to the courtyard garden in the Glassworks – all perfect places to while away the hours. To enjoy spectacular views of the waterfront and rolling countryside, head to one of our building’s roof terraces.


  1. Rent with your pet

Sharing your home with a beloved pet can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Greenford Quay’s pet-friendly rental apartments mean you and your favourite animal will feel right at home – with a host of amenities on offer.

Our stunning West London location – close to the buzz of the city yet surrounded by countryside – means there are plenty of places to let you dog stretch their legs. For when they get a bit muddy, our pet spa is the perfect place to give them a spruce up. While our pet play park gives both residents and dogs alike the chance to make friends and have fun.

  1. Find your community

We can all benefit from having a network of people on our doorstep, with friendships helping to tackle feelings of isolation, while giving us a sense of belonging and purpose. Greenford Quay’s unique community offers residents a host of activities and clubs, making it easy to meet people.

Our onsite team organises regular events including games and movie nights, supper clubs and charity drives, as well the much-anticipated Summer Series. Those with more specific interests can join one of several clubs, including a running club and a walking club.

Explore Greenford Quay’s unique West London rental community and find your apartment today