Choosing Greenford Quay for a simple, seamless and elevated living experience

In the heart of London, Greenford Quay stands as a beacon of modern living, blending comfort with practicality. Smrithi Balakrishnan, a 31 year-old single mother from India, shares her experience living in a community dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging, safety, and a seamless living experience.

Why Greenford Quay?

Smrithi moved to the UK three years ago, living initially with her sister in Oxford. In her search for a new home, Smrithi was looking for more than just a living space; one that met her criteria and elevated her lifestyle.

Smrithi was drawn to Greenford Quay’s well-structured layout, impeccable service and diverse culture. Community events, from potluck dinners to festivals, provided Smrithi with an environment to establish connections and friendships as she settled into her new home.

Nestled by the canal, the pet-friendly, family-friendly green space offers a relaxed escape amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, where Smrithi works as a finance consultant.

Built with residents in mind:

At the heart of Greenford Quay’s appeal lies its consideration for its residents above all else. Smrithi, a meticulous person herself, appreciates the well-maintained facilities and fantastic concierge services that help take the weight of organising and managing a home off her shoulders.

The in-house gym, resident lounges, communal areas and activities has elevated Smrithi’s overall lifestyle, as she utilises the extensive array of amenities, both on her own and with friends. Greenford Quay’s impressive location and facilities even left a lasting positive impression on Smrithi’s friends when they came to visit, of whom are looking to enquire themselves!

Value for money

Smrithi emphasises the significance of value for money when choosing a living space. Greenford Quay not only met, but exceeded her expectations, providing an abundance of amenities and resources on her doorstep, as well as providing a safe and secure living space.

Picking up her life and relocating to an entirely new country meant that finding a home that takes burdens away was paramount. Living with her four-year old daughter, Greenford Quay has provided her with a living arrangement that elevates, connects, and simplifies her life, making room for her to enjoy the things that matter most